We get a lot of questions asked when it comes to body repair, so we thought we will answer some of them for you. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the colour be the same?

Yes your car has a specific colour code we will mix the correct variant in our paint mixing room.

Can I have my vehicle repaired at the bodyshop of my choice?

Yes it is your right to choose who will repair your vehicle.

Will my car ever be the same again?

Yes with use of quality repair methods and paint systems, genuine panels and parts we will repair you vehicle to its original specification.

Will a repair estimate cost anything?

No all estimates are free.

How quickly can I get a written estimate?

An estimate can usually be e-mailed within 2 hours of inspection. All posted next day.

Do I need to obtain a lot of estimates?

No we will prepare an estimate for your insurance company if you want to use us just elect Rosehill Bodyshop as your preferred repair.

Will my car be repaired to the same standard as the insurance company recommended repairer?

Yes As we are independent from any insurance company, and you are our client, we maintain quality over cost for every repair.

My car has been written off by the insurance company. I would like to keep it on the road, can you help?

Yes we often have customers that would like to keep their car even though the insurance company say that it has to be  been written off. Because of something small or the cars to old  but we know how much cars can meet customers so we operate contract repair and in many circumstances insurance companies are happy to proceed as long as the customers are.